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As new fashions called for more colorful designs, the number of printing colors and the length of the printing area increased, leading to a demand for greater printing accuracy. Shun Sheng’s aramid printing blankets continue to deliver exceptional performance in such applications, and have become key for further developments in textile printing.

The digital revolution in textile printing has led to additional requirements for printing blankets. The new options offered by digital printing in terms of variety and depth of colors can only be realized through the reliable and absolutely precise positioning of every drop of ink. Shun Sheng’s expert knowledge of textile printing and close collaboration with OEMs has resulted in a new generation of printing blankets.

 Belt code  Top cover Bottom coverWorking temperature  ℃ No. of pliesBelt thickness mmWeight kg/m2 Working load at 1% elongation N/mm
Minimum pulley diameter  mm
Max roll width  mm Notes Belt code
 Material Color Thickness mm Pattern Hardness    oshAColor Pattern
14PUV2.2/stereoPUBlack  1Matt92Transparent Impregnate-10/+7012.22.25≥16.4603400
24PUV2.2/2000DPUBlack  0.6Matt92Black Impregnate-10/+7022.22.6≥15803400
34PUV2.7/FPUBlack  1Matt92Transparent Impregnate-20/+8032.73≥1103503000


Constant striving for perfection is our company’s core value. We will always preserve this value and respond to challenges actively in the global belt industry.

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