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We understand the bakery industry. Food safety, consistency, quality shelf lifetime and waste reduction are all critical factors. We know the importance of keeping your business running 24/7 and how costly and disruptive downtime can be.

That’s why we’ve developed the best belts for your industry, to minimize maintenance and maximize hygiene.

A. Silicone belt (28PUSI1.5): Silicone coated; working temp. from 70°C to 100°C ; low friction/non-stick

B. Felt belt (12MZ3) &Cotton belt (22MD2): Excellent non-stick properties; non-shrink; reliable splice for extended lifetime


Belt code   Top cover  Bottom cover Working temperature  ℃ No. of plies Belt thickness mm Weight kg/m2 Working load at 1% elongation N/mm Minimum pulley diameter  mm Max roll width  mm Notes  Belt code
Material Color  Thickness mm  Pattern Hardness    oshA  Color Pattern
22MD2 Cotton  White   / / / White   Cotton  -10/+80 2 2 2.2 ≥8 40 3000
12MZ3 Felt  White   2 / / Transparent  PU skim PU -10/+90 1 3 1.7 ≥4.5 30 2000
28PUSI1.5 Silicone  Blue   0.3 Glossy  45 / / -10/+100 2 1.5 1.7 ≥10 60 3000
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Constant striving for perfection is our company’s core value. We will always preserve this value and respond to challenges actively in the global belt industry.

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